Lunch at Duxbury High School is one of the busiest times during the school day, which consists of four different lunches. These lunches occur one after another during the fourth or five blocks. Each lunch is twenty four minutes long where students are aloud to congregate together and have lunch as well as socialize. Although, if a student need to get some extra work done the lunch time is also allowed to be passed in the library. Sadly, for multiple reasons no food is allowed in the library, so if a student chooses  to spend lunch in there they cannot have their food. Next, there is one main large lunch room that is shared between the high school and middle school in lunches one, two, and four. Then lunch 3 is only occupied by high school students. This lunch room is where food can be bought from the loyal lunch staff hired from the school. As and added bonus there is a separate room where senior students are allowed to eat their food, called breadboard.Lunch is a joyous time at DHS that one is sure not to miss.

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